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Fantastic course!!

I found this course very interesting, very practical and there was brilliant access to videos , links and tips!!
I would highly recommend anyone to do this course. Many thanks Jess.

Amazing course

I absolutely love this course, it’s interesting, relevant and very clear to follow! You can tell Jess has a great passion for occupational therapy and children. She’s excited to pass on her research and knowledge. Jess provides so many tips and tricks which I love and can’t wait to put into practice! Excited to continue my learning

Very helpful strategies

I'm currently training to be an SNA and I was delighted to find a course that includes loads of OT strategies. The videos are really interesting and there are tons of tips that I will be able to use while working in schools. Would definitely recommend this course for anyone working with children with additional needs.

Brilliant Course

I just started this course last week and I am finding the content so practical. It's really helping me to make sense of specific areas of development. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who works with children or is planning to work with children like me.

Super resources

I highly recommend Jess’s Octoboxes. These resources are really well thought out & give you everything you need along with online support. Thank you so much Jess!

Octobox - 3 Months


Kids love doing the tasks and watching videos learned so much all ready

Farmyard Fun

My 4 year old son absolutely loved this,he could not wait to move on to the next session. The sense of achievement & delight when he completed sessions was really lovely to see. Thank you Jess.

Farmyard fun octobox

excellent pack great activities and action packed

Octobox/ Pre-School Pack

As an SEN teacher these resources have proved so helpful and beneficial to the children I am working with. The Octobox and Pre-School Packs are so appealing to the children with themes and content that engage them straight away. Jess gives such detailed, step-by-step descriptions in her videos explaining the process for each activity. In addition to this, the customer service is exceptional. I cannot recommend the Octobox and Pre-School Pack highly enough!

Fantastic product

I have been using Octobox with my son since last October. He was immediately drawn in my Jess’s enthusiasm. He loves all of the activities and never sees them as work. Octobox is a fantastic way to include fine motor work in to my child’s day. It grounds my son and I find him calmer afterwards. It’s also a lovely way to spend some quality shared activity time with him.

Octobox Home Activity Kit - Space Themed Siblings Pack (Once-off Purchase)

Octobox Home Activity Kit - Space Themed Siblings Pack (Once-off Purchase)


I really cannot recommend Jess's services enough to all parents with preschoolers and especially at this time of homeschooling. I find it particularly helpful for developing my son's fine motor skills such as gripping a pencil, holding a scissors, and cutting out shapes. Jess, not only has so much to offer kids but also offers fantastic advice to parents. She gets the kids engaged, is very easy to follow, the lessons are extremely creative and age-appropriate. I think it is great value for money and Jess is always there to support you in any way she can. My son had a great week learning through play with the farmyard activities and we can't wait for more. I can already see the benefits! thank you so much Jess.

Wow! Just WOW! Keeps our 4 year old engaged!

Entering a new era of distance learning here in California with our 4-year-old has been challenging, so finding something to supplement our daily routine was a must. Thank goodness we discovered Jess and the Farmyard Box - our daughter loves learning and playing with Jess! Her engaging, positive energy and creative interactive videos have made such a wonderful impact on our day. I am not one to write reviews but felt it was important to share how incredible this resource is for anyone looking to add fun, gentle, teachable moments into their child's life. Thank you, Jess!

Exactly what I was looking for. So impressed!

I've been looking for something exactly like this for my 4 year old that would help with holding his pencil and cutting skills. He is absolutely loving the activities and the videos are so much fun to follow along with. AMAZING VALUE! Please bring out another :)

Little Learners Virtual Handwriting Groups
Excellent experience

Lovely, fun and really helpful experience. Learning useful tools which can be used again and again. Found the games really great, as they can be used as warm ups before school work. Really enjoyed it and most of importantly my son enjoyed it. Thank you

Octobox Home Activity Kit - Space Themed Siblings Pack (Once-off Purchase)
Sibling box was fantastic!

My 2 boys have got so much fun and enjoyment out of the sibling space box. Absolutely great value for money too.

Octobox Home Activity Kit - Space Themed Siblings Pack (Once-off Purchase)
Double thumbs up for the Space Themed Siblings Octobox

Hi Jess, Sarah and Cillian are having such great fun with the Octobox so far thanks a mill. Great idea to be able to order extra for siblings (excellent value) - they both had lots of fun colouring in the planets and then shooting the rocket, very impressed with how far it travelled! Cillian was coming up with new ways to shoot the rocket from different heights etc!. As a parent I was very impressed with the quality of the materials and how creative they are. Videos were really helpful and your enthusiasm is infectious! Looking forward to your live streaming later. Thanks again

Octobox Home Activity Kit - Space Themed Siblings Pack (Once-off Purchase)

OCTOBOX - Month to Month

My OT University - 12 Months Access
An excellent resource for everyone involved in supporting child development

My OT University has been an excellent resource as a new paediatric OT. Jess provides creative ideas to support the development of key skills in a fun, motivating way for children.

Along with the practical ideas, there are high quality videos and clear summary sheets explaining the buzz terms often discussed with parents/teachers, and relevant, up to date research to support what is being discussed.

My OT University is an excellently organised resource of benefit to not only parents and teachers but also OTs, SLTs, etc. working with children of various ages and ability.

Best value ever

My 5 year old son gets so much enjoyment from the octobox, sometimes I seem to struggle to find something fun that’s improving motor skills , this is easy to follow step by step , videos are fab , I feel great knowing I am helping while spending time together and having fun , it’s not even a tenner a week great value .

My OT University - Schools & Pre-Schools Access
Exactly what I needed in my pre-school

There is so much useful information in the videos and resources, it truly is an invaluable resource for my pre-school. We have some very experienced teachers here and new teachers but we are all finding the topics very relevant and we are learning a lot of strategies, especially when it comes to sensory and motor skills. The webinars are a great chance for us to ask Jess questions also as the OT waiting list in our area is incredibly long, so it gives us the advice we need to help certain kids. The videos are easy and enjoyable to watch and the kids can't wait to do the movement break classes during the day. I'd highly recommend this resource to anyone. Síle

Octobox Home Activity Kit - Space Themed Siblings Pack (Once-off Purchase)

It’s a great box but my little lady has just turned 4 so there were 1 or 2 things that were a little hard for her