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An excellent resource for everyone involved in supporting child development

My OT University has been an excellent resource as a new paediatric OT. Jess provides creative ideas to support the development of key skills in a fun, motivating way for children.

Along with the practical ideas, there are high quality videos and clear summary sheets explaining the buzz terms often discussed with parents/teachers, and relevant, up to date research to support what is being discussed.

My OT University is an excellently organised resource of benefit to not only parents and teachers but also OTs, SLTs, etc. working with children of various ages and ability.

Best value ever

My 5 year old son gets so much enjoyment from the octobox, sometimes I seem to struggle to find something fun that’s improving motor skills , this is easy to follow step by step , videos are fab , I feel great knowing I am helping while spending time together and having fun , it’s not even a tenner a week great value .

Exactly what I needed in my pre-school

There is so much useful information in the videos and resources, it truly is an invaluable resource for my pre-school. We have some very experienced teachers here and new teachers but we are all finding the topics very relevant and we are learning a lot of strategies, especially when it comes to sensory and motor skills. The webinars are a great chance for us to ask Jess questions also as the OT waiting list in our area is incredibly long, so it gives us the advice we need to help certain kids. The videos are easy and enjoyable to watch and the kids can't wait to do the movement break classes during the day. I'd highly recommend this resource to anyone. Síle

It’s a great box but my little lady has just turned 4 so there were 1 or 2 things that were a little hard for her

Great fun

This is a great product and really well thought out and the video tutorials are excellent. My son has great fun following along and keeps asking to do more. The gross motor skills videos are great fun.

Fun way to practise boring skills

We're 2 weeks into our Octobox and my 8yr old with Dyspraxia is loving it! So refreshing to have a fun purpose to the many motor skills we practise. Instead of trying to draw on the lines we are helping a seagull to fly through the sky! The videos are so easy to follow and Jess' creativity can make stretches we have done numerous times seem loads more interesting as she takes us on an underwater adventure. Would recommend to anyone

1’st box

It’s fab but my little lady has just turned 4 so some bits were a little difficult for her. She was able for most parts and loved it ! 1st

A well organized resource

This is an amazingly well organized, accessible and understandable collection of articles and videos explaining what is going on for my child. I often feel that as a mom of an 8 year old child who lagged behind in some areas and showed some sensory issues very early on that I have spent hours combing bookstores and search engines to get information. Unfortunately a lot of that time was not productive in getting me reliable and relatable information. The MY Ot university is something I would recommend to any parent or teacher who has a child that they are concerned about in relation to how they perceive sensations. The articles just make things click, you’ll be reading or watching and the explanation from an OT perspective makes you go “oooh that’s why they do that!” It helps me make informed decisions on how to beat support my child. Thanks so much for a great resource.

Octobox is a fantastic resource that my son Charlie 7 is enjoying. His favourite is the whizz kid project and all his siblings joined in playing with the rocket launcher. Charlie is improving his fine motor skills through fun activities in the octobox. Charlie loves Jess's gross motor online videos and so do I especially for rainy days. I highly recommend octobox and Jess is a fantastic OT with great enthusiasm and experience.

Good Value and Engaging. Gross motor and fine motor too!

I really like that the box of activities has a suggested weekly checklist. It helps my son have a sense of achievement. The theme of the box is a fun way to make the activities feel connected. When I’ve tried to get him to do similar fine motor activities without a theme he has seen them as work. This is like a present that arrives in the post. The gross motor videos have really great enthusiasm and high production value. The video is crisp and the sound is great. Overall it’s really great and what we need to make work child’s play!

Fun for all the family

The octobox is fantastic. The activities are great fun with so much learning and the videos are an added bonus, our daughter Loves it, she did one full week activity in one evening I had to tell her she had to leave the next for the following week, she’s just wants to keep going!! She listens intently to Jess reciting every word! It’s helping her gain confidence & keeping the whole family busy with activities! Thank you Jess

Sooooo much more than I expected!

When I came across Octobox, I initially thought it looked like a bit fun for my 8 year old daughter, but it has proven to be so much more than just a box of activities. She loves the interaction with Jess in the videos and does the Let's Get Moving activity classes over and over again. There are hours of crafts in the box and she can't wait to get the next one.

I have found the online videos great to watch on My Ot University.

Overall, I have to say the amount of effort and time that goes into the videos with the animations and the activities within the box, it truly is a brilliant product and I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.

Wonderful Resource.

This resource provides access to wonderful activities and expert information. The videos are clear , informative and the children really enjoy the suggested activities.
Looking forward to the upcoming content.

Absolutely delighted we signed up to octobox.its not at all what we expected. The video s that accompanies each task are son 7 loves watching and following jess(always trying to beat her ). As a parent of a child with additional needs my goal is that he will be able to advocate for him self when he needs to take a break and I love how Jess has totally normalized taking movement breaks and used them through out.the quality of the products are brilliant. I'd advise everyone to sign up!!!

What a resource

I really enjoy the content of this course. It's fantastic that we have access to professional advice seeing as the waiting lists for such support are so long! Practical activities and tuition on what to look out for is invaluable. The length of videos are short and concise and appeal to every type of learner and the gross motor activities are so enjoyable for kids, very simple tasks but very well explained and provide a element to focus on. They too are short and simple to complete with easy progressions. Highly recommend this course and I'm enjoying the new content each month!

Fun Fun Fun!!

We are on our 2nd week of the octobox and my son (Zach 6) loves it . He is always excited to find out the next activity. The video that Jess provides are easy to follow and help to keep thing interactive and most importantly he is having fun.

Fantastic at home resource

As a parent with two children awaiting OT services for varying needs, I have found this product invaluable, It builds on all the areas we need to strengthen in a fun and engaging way. The boys would like to do all 4 weeks worth of activities back to back if I l let them.
As an educator, I find it extremely informative and well researched, Each week targets a varying amount of skills and takes into account the different ages and abilities of children using the subscription
We are already looking forward to next month

An excellent resource!!

My OT schools access is an excellent resource particularly for use in the infant classes and help for children with special needs. I found the fine motor skills and advice for working with children with sensory needs particularly useful. I would highly recommend it!

We are loving the Octobox on our house my son is really enjoying the activities & while we are targeting specific OT goals we are spending quality time together also . I am a Speech & Language therapist myself & there are so many opportunities to target language throughout the activities as your child is listening & following directions throughout ! we especially love the videos that accompany each activity & there is a novelty in ‘Jess ‘ asking your child to do the tasks & not ‘Mammy ‘ ! Love that each box is themed already looking forward to next month ! Overall a very comprehensive package to support your child’s OT needs that is very user friendly ! The biggest plus is that it’s FUN 😊 Thanks Jess


Hi Jess, just wanted to say that Octobox arrived today, the excitement was amazing and Michael couldn’t wait to get started. The only problem was, he wanted to complete everything today. 😊. I’m so happy we signed up for this and as a family we want to thank you so much.

Octobox fun

We received our 1st Octobox last week. Great activities for all ages. My son 9 loved building the rocket launcher, this grew from the initial activity to saving dinasours from a meteor. So much imaginative fun. There are loads of activities in the box all easily explained and videos to support them. It's a huge hit with my 3 children. Highly recommend the octobox.