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Brilliant Resource

This is a fantastic course with lots of invaluable information, and hugely insightful that is undoubtedly beneficial to any Teacher, SNA or Parent - It's easy to follow with so many helpful tips and strategies. I would higly recommend.

Fantastic course

Great content with practical strategies that can be used in many different areas. I found the presentations excellent.

Fantastic Course

I would highly recommend this course to any Educator or Parent as the information, strategies and activities given by Jess are an invaluable source - also the course is so well-presented by Jess, is clear, concise and is broken down into sections that are easy to manage, and hugely beneficial on every level possible.

Enjoyable and Educational

I really enjoyed doing this course. I found Jessicas method of teaching very clear and considerate of peoples attention span. looking forward to trying out the strategies and activities mentioned throughout the course. Really recommend.


A excellent course, lots of great information to help teachers, sna's and parents.
Im delighted i did this course.

Brilliant Course

Learned lots doing this course that I have been able to work into my work! Highly recommend it

Excellent course

I really loved this course...brilliant content and speakers..a really fabulous way to build on knowledge and learn new tips and insights..thank you

This was a very well presented, informative course which was enhanced by the guest presenters.


This course was very informative and I really enjoyed it. Going forward I will use some of the strategies with the children I work with and I believe this will help them a lot I would recommend this course.
Thank you

What an amazingly informative course with easy practical advice . Achievable goals for both the child and it’s caregiver . Thank you so much Jess . It is also so helpful that the course is available to do on your time as it is all recorded. The Q&A session is an added bonus. Looking forward to the next course already .

Highly recommend!

The course was incredibly informative right from the first module! I appreciate the manageable 'chunks' of videos presented and the option to browse the additional resources attached below each module segment. A fabulous course and very beneficial to parents and anyone working with children.

Informative and highly motivating!

I am a parent of child with additional needs and I'm also training to be an SNA, so I am coming at this course from two different sides. I find Jess' energy brilliant and motivating. The detail in the course gives great insight in to the how and why behind different activities.
As a parent, I would very very strongly recommend this course (I wish I did it 3 years ago) - especially if you are not getting regular appointments from your service provider - this course will provide you with so much information that you will be able to fill the gaps between appointments with activities and be confident in what you are doing is helping your child.
As an SNA in training this is going to make my job so much easier as I will understand the difficulties the child I'm working with may have and be able to make changes that can have a big impact on their school day.

I love the format as I can come and go when it suits, play back sections, try activities out at home and then move on to the next section - as a busy Mam that is really important to me.

Such a great course

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jess, this is such a great course, really insightful for parents trying to get a grasp of all of this. It's broken down and explained in such a consise helpful manner. Really enjoyed this course and Jess was always there if I needed help with any part of it, I honestly couldn't rate this course highly enough

Excellent Course

I am absolutely delighted I did this course as I now have so many ideas that I can trial and implement to help the children I am working with. I am working in a special class in a mainstream school where each child would have different needs and coping mechanisms, this course has helped me to come up with different ideas to introduce into their daily routines which some are really helping. I would really recommend this course to parents and to anyone working with children. Excellent course, easy to understand, clear and pleasant presentation from Jessica, and I can say that if you need to ask questions you can do so and will get your answer/ advise back very quickly. Thank you so much Jessica.

3 months supply

My 5 year old has dcd and octobox has been absolutely super , it's hard to engage him in fine motor but he lives this programme. Please produce monthly Octoboxes I will be looking for more in a few months time when these are done , thank you so much


Found the course to be very informative and helpful. Learnt a lot of ideas which can be used.

Outstanding Course

I am an Sna and I have just completed this amazing and highly interesting course. It was very user friendly and easy to follow. The contents of the course were extremely helpful and informative. I have learnt so much and I am really looking forward to being able to implement this knowledge in my work environment. From doing this course I have also attended webinars that I would not have known about and they have furnished me with even more knowledge. Thank you Jess for making this course available to all who work in the education sector. The children that we work with can only benefit from this wonderful upskilling of our professional development.

Fantastic course!!

I found this course very interesting, very practical and there was brilliant access to videos , links and tips!!
I would highly recommend anyone to do this course. Many thanks Jess.

Amazing course

I absolutely love this course, it’s interesting, relevant and very clear to follow! You can tell Jess has a great passion for occupational therapy and children. She’s excited to pass on her research and knowledge. Jess provides so many tips and tricks which I love and can’t wait to put into practice! Excited to continue my learning

Very helpful strategies

I'm currently training to be an SNA and I was delighted to find a course that includes loads of OT strategies. The videos are really interesting and there are tons of tips that I will be able to use while working in schools. Would definitely recommend this course for anyone working with children with additional needs.

Brilliant Course

I just started this course last week and I am finding the content so practical. It's really helping me to make sense of specific areas of development. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who works with children or is planning to work with children like me.

Super resources

I highly recommend Jess’s Octoboxes. These resources are really well thought out & give you everything you need along with online support. Thank you so much Jess!