Frequently Asked Questions

There is primarily a focus on Occupational Therapy (OT) topics but depending on demand, we will also offer CPD with other professionals e.g Speech and Language Therapists, Child Psychologists.

Some of the OT topics covered will include:

-Understanding the Impact of Sensory Needs on Learning

-Understanding & Designing Sensory, Movement & Brain Breaks

-Supporting Challenging Behaviours: An OT Perspective

-Supporting Fine Motor Skills & Designing Activities for School

-Understanding & Supporting Handwriting Challenges

-Gross Motor Skill Development, Strength & Endurance

-Supporting Independence Skills in School

-Designing Sensory Spaces & Using Sensory Tools

-Discussing a Student’s OT needs with a Parent

You select the plan depending on the number of staff in your school e.g Teachers, SNAs, TAs etc.

For example: If your school has over 10 staff who work with children, select the Countryside Plan, or if your school has over 30 staff working with children, select the City Plan.

Once you sign up you will be brought to a page where you can download an excel file. This excel file will include fields where you can add in the details of those who are to be registered.

Once you have this filled in, you can send it back to and each of the registrants will receive an email with their account details once set up, which is typically within 3 working days.

Each registrant will be notified of each CPD opportunity by email each month and they will also have access to mini-courses and the recording through their account.

Yes, absolutely. Once your school signs up to one of the plans, you can use our content for any training needs you may have within the school.
The CPD is targeted at those supporting children aged 3-12 years old. 
Absolutely! The CPD provided is suitable for mainstream schools and schools supporting children with additional needs.

Ya this is no problem at all, you can join at any time of the year. You will have access to the recordings of the previous webinars that you may have missed. Most schools are using our CPD Plans for the recordings.

When you sign up for one of the school CPD plans you get access to the current academic years CPD. All training is available from the dashboard which each staff member will have access to. 


Yes of course. You can cancel your subscription at any time, just email or access your account via the button in the payment receipt you received after initial purchase.

If you cancel your subscription you will lose access to that school years CPD after 12 months. (You won't receive access to the new school years CPD unless you renew)

Yes, you will be notified at least 7 days before the subscription renews. All subscriptions renew in September each year. 

Yes, recordings are made available for as long as you have an account with My OT & Me. If you cancel your school's subscription before your 12 months are up, your staff will still have access until the renewal date.
We can issue certificates for those who attend live or watch the recording. To get the certificate for one of the CPD sessions, staff can login into their account where they will need to watch the recording if they didn't attend live, and then complete a short quiz. Once completed certificates are generated automatically and will always be accessible via their account.

If you want to get your certificate after attending the live webinar or watching the recording as part of a group training:

  1. Log Into the CPD Platform by clicking on 'Member Login' on the our website,
  2. Click on the training.
  3. Click on 'Complete and Continue'.
  4. Answer the questions related to the training.
  5. Once answered your certificate will now be available from the bottom of the screen.

If the name on your cert is incorrect, follow the steps outlined below.

From a desktop:

  1. Log into your CPD Dashboard
  2. Click on the profile image in the top right corner.
  3. A dropdown will appear and you will see Edit Profile.
  4. You can update your name from the Edit Profile section.
  5. Click into the CPD that you are looking for the updated certificate from.
  6. Download your certificate again by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen.

The School CPD plans are available for any school in any country. If timezones are an issue, you will have access to the recordings for the year. If there is enough demand from schools in your country, we will organise additional live webinars to be held at a more suitable time for your schools staff.

At present webinars are held at 19:00 Irish time (7pm Irish time). All webinars are in English only.

You can pay in any currency for the School CPD Plans. You should also see USD and GBP available but payments are not limited to EUR, USD or GBP.

To log into your account, click on Member Login which is in the website menu. You will then be brought to a screen where you can enter your email and password.

If you have forgotten your password you can click on 'Forgot Password' to reset it.

To reset your password:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Member Login - (Top right on desktop or in the menu on phones/tablets)
  3. When on the login screen you will see orange text that says Forgot Password.
  4. Click Forgot Password and follow the instructions on screen

If you school has paid for a CPD Plan, the first thing to ensure is that you have sent us the staff registration file. If you have not done so and are unsure of how to access it please email including your school's name.

If you have sent us the registration file, search your email inbox for account activation emails from My OT & Me. If no emails are found, please email including your school's name and we will look into it.

If the link in your account activation email has expired, please CLICK HERE.

You will have access for 12 months
There is about 20 hours of content over the 6 modules. Once 80% is complete we can issue your certificate
Once you have completed the course, contact us at and we will verify completion and issue your cert. Once 80% is complete we can issue it.

I would recommend choosing one of the School CPD plans which you can see on the website. 

If you would prefer just to sign up for a specific webinar, you will need to register each teacher individually as there is no way to add multiple registrations at the same time.

If you are on the School CPD plan, your certificate will be available through your account where the recordings are available.

If you are not part of a School CPD plan, and you haven't received your certificate within 5 working days, please contact us at with the name of the webinar you attended.

Yes, recordings are made available from Friday to Sunday following the live webinar. If you are a school, recording are available for the year when you sign up to the school CPD plan.