Down Syndrome & Occupational Therapy - Considerations for the School Environment & How to Maximise Learning

This 3 part certificate course has supported hundreds of teachers, early educators, parents and Special Needs Assistants by providing them with practical strategies they can use to support children with Down Syndrome in school and at home.

I am a Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist who has worked with children with Down Syndrome for over eight years. I work in partnership with national Down Syndrome services to support families and educators to feel empowered with the strategies they need to support their child or student. 

You will come away from this course feeling confident & excited to support these amazing children and understand their individual strengths and how to further develop their skills by reducing barriers to their learning. 

Workshop 1: Fine Motor Skills & Handwriting Techniques.

Workshop 1 explores the importance of writing readiness, fine motor strength and dexterity, the impact of low muscle tone on fine motor skill development, necessary adaptations for successful learning and where to start when teaching and progressing handwriting skills.

Workshop 2: Gross Motor Skills & Independence Skills

Workshop 2 explores postural control and adapting gross motor exercises to be inclusive. We will also look at independence skills that are important for the classroom and share strategies that can be used to boost task completion, sustained attention and self-help skills.

Workshop 3: Sensory Processing & Self-Regulation

Workshop 3 explores the world of sensory preferences and differences and how this can impact on a child's ability to learn and self-regulate in school. We will be discussing practical strategies, environmental adaptations and everyday activities which can be used to support learning.

After you have completed all the workshops you can contact us at for your Certificate of Completion.

Access to live Q&As for 12 months

Along with the 3 part certificate course, you can also take part in the live Q&A sessions that take place 3-4 times during the year. Enrolled course participants are notified by email and through the closed FB group when they are happening.

Enroll today and start learning practical strategies to support children with Down Syndrome that you can use in the classroom. 

Customer Reviews

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Mary K.
Brilliant Resource

This is a fantastic course with lots of invaluable information, and hugely insightful that is undoubtedly beneficial to any Teacher, SNA or Parent - It's easy to follow with so many helpful tips and strategies. I would higly recommend.

Louise Burton

What an amazingly informative course with easy practical advice . Achievable goals for both the child and it’s caregiver . Thank you so much Jess . It is also so helpful that the course is available to do on your time as it is all recorded. The Q&A session is an added bonus. Looking forward to the next course already .