The My OT & Me platform is the Home of DIY Occupational Therapy and aims to support as many families, teachers and other paediatric professionals as possible in a fun & interactive way. The focus is on positive child development, encouraging independence & creating confident kids.

Jess who is the Founder of the Platform & a Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist, has her own private practice that operates in Cork, Ireland whereby she completes occupational therapy assessments & intervention in the child's home environment. 

The amount of families & school's seeking private OT support is constantly growing and having children on wait-lists is not a solution. Jess wanted to find a way to reach more children & families so that they could be proactive in the home environment.

The goal is to get kids more active, encourage fine motor skills through activities, coach parents & teachers, support skill development and embrace positive child development. All our resources are designed by Jess who is passionate about creating fun and enjoyable learning opportunities for kids. 

The platform offers new and interesting content every month for both the kids & adults through Octobox and the My OT University which includes webinars, an ongoing video series and gross motor classes.

Your support allows us to help those who need it most. A percentage of company profit goes towards providing free OT sessions, charitable organisations and more.

We are constantly thinking about new ways that we can involve the My OT & Me Community & we love hearing feedback from our members so we can continue to grow.