The My OT & Me Platform is an online platform which aims to support as many families, teachers and other paediatric professionals as possible in a fun & interactive way. The focus is on positive child development, encouraging independence, empowering parents and educators and creating confident kids.

Jess is the Founder of the Platform and a Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist, who has her own private practice that operates in Ireland. Jess strives for best practice in OT and improving accessibility to support for families. She offers home-based assessments and intervention to children while also supporting large amounts of families and educators through webinars, training courses and telehealth. 

The amount of families and schools seeking private OT support is constantly growing and having children on waiting lists is not a solution. Our aim is to reach more parents and educators so that they can be proactive in supporting children's development and feel confident and equipped with the right strategies.