About My OT and Me, Occupational Therapy, CPD, Teacher training



At My OT & Me, we have set our sights on one simple mission, making education and training from qualified experts easily accessible to teachers, organisations and families around the world.

By aligning our vision with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we aim to make healthcare services such as Occupational Therapy more accessible to all.

Research has shown that by building teacher and parent capacity, children can overcome challenges much quicker. By providing engaging and interactive evidence based training, our services can improve the wellbeing of children, families, teachers and communities, while also benefitting the economy longer term.

Jess Kennedy is the founder of My OT & Me and has worked with schools and families for years. Over that time Jess has gained incredible insight into the challenges facing many schools, but most importantly, Jess has a clear understanding of the complexities involved, which allows her to break them down, getting to the root cause of these challenging situations and finding solutions.

We have trained thousands of teachers, SNAs and TAs from around the world and we want to continue doing this by making training as accessible as possible for those who can make the biggest impact in children's lives.