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Octobox - Telehealth Based Occupational Therapy Motor Skills Programme

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Encourage Creativity in a fun and interactive way through activities that work on Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration with our Imagination, Bugs and Superhero Themes.

Activities Designed for More than Just Fun:

✨ Improves Gross & Fine Motor Skills

✨ Builds Confidence

✨ Promotes Independence & Self-Care Skills

✨ Develops Attention & Concentration

✨ Works on Visual Motor & Visual Perceptual Skills

✨ Promotes Play!

Supports S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Education, Art, Math) activities by encouraging:

 ✅ Critical Thinking 

 ✅ Creativity 

 ✅ Communication

 ✅ Collaboration 



✨ Fun Activities Developed by a Senior Paediatric OT for 5-9 year olds

✨ 6 x Let's Get Moving Gross Motor Activity classes

✨ Fun & Interactive Videos

✨ 12+ Hours of Activities

✨ Specialised Grips & Pencils

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Working on your child's motor skills from an early age is a vital part of their development. Octobox activities are a fun, creative, and proactive way to help improve a child's motor skills. 

Octobox combines specially formulated crafts with engaging demonstration videos to give extra support to your child & caregivers.  It’s a convenient & affordable way to help your child develop their motor skills.


Octobox is developed by a team led by multi-award winning OT, Jessica Kennedy. Jess is the Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist of her own private practice whereby she completes her intervention in the child's home environment.

Jess noticed a growing issue amongst children's motor skill development and not just amongst children getting OT intervention. Important skills such as drawing, colouring, scissor skills and even balancing on one leg were delayed which may not seem significant, but they are the fundamental skills needed to complete coordinated movements such as dressing, typing, writing and cycling that are vital as they grow older. Jess saw the need for an immediate solution to help develop motor skills in a structured, fun and ongoing basis. 

The goal is to get kids more active, encourage motor skills through activities, coach parents & teachers, support skill development and embrace positive child development. All our resources are designed by Jess who is passionate about creating fun and enjoyable learning opportunities for kids.


The world has enough plastic. You deserve to feel guilt-free about improving your child’s motor skills. That’s why we’re committed to using minimal plastic and reducing excess waste. 

Our custom wooden OT Toys in our Whizz Kid Projects are designed and produced right here in Ireland. We do not include items that you likely have in your home or school already - things like tweezers, glue sticks, and sellotape. However, if you DO need these items, we’ll ship them to you. Our commitment to zero waste means we make zero profit on this part of our service.


Octobox includes a 4 Week O.T led Programme for 5-9 year olds. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mary Curtin
3 months supply

My 5 year old has dcd and octobox has been absolutely super , it's hard to engage him in fine motor but he lives this programme. Please produce monthly Octoboxes I will be looking for more in a few months time when these are done , thank you so much

Super resources

I highly recommend Jess’s Octoboxes. These resources are really well thought out & give you everything you need along with online support. Thank you so much Jess!

Elaine Ryan

Octobox - 3 Months

Susan Hastings
Great fun

This is a great product and really well thought out and the video tutorials are excellent. My son has great fun following along and keeps asking to do more. The gross motor skills videos are great fun.

Janine Gooding
Fun way to practise boring skills

We're 2 weeks into our Octobox and my 8yr old with Dyspraxia is loving it! So refreshing to have a fun purpose to the many motor skills we practise. Instead of trying to draw on the lines we are helping a seagull to fly through the sky! The videos are so easy to follow and Jess' creativity can make stretches we have done numerous times seem loads more interesting as she takes us on an underwater adventure. Would recommend to anyone