🚨 Next Steps - Please Read & Download File

Here are the next steps...

CPD, Occupational Therapy for schools, Teacher training

1. To get all of your school staff registered, download the file by clicking on the green button below. When you click it an excel file will download to your computer.

2. When you open the excel file, you will see 3 columns; Email, First Name and Last Name.

3. Fill in these columns with the information of the staff in your school.

4. Once filled in, email the excel file to hello@myotandme.com.

5. Once we receive this information, we will set everyone up on our platform. They will each receive an email to set up their account where they can access the CPD recordings, mini-courses and certificates, once training is completed.

You must send back the excel file filled in, we cannot accept written names and emails. We advise using Microsoft Excel to open the file or Google Sheets.

 If you have any issue don't hesitate to reach out at hello@myotandme.com.