What does a Paediatric Occupational Therapist do?



Paediatric Occupational Therapists work with children, parents, teachers and other professionals on developing a range of individualized skills for a child in order to allow that child to meet their full potential and thrive in the environments in which they live.

These skills include:

Fine Motor Skills i.e drawing, writing, fastening buttons, closing zips, tying shoe-laces, cutting & buttering a slice of bread, threading a needle… the list is very long 

Gross Motor Skills i.e. hand-eye coordination, ball skills, balance, body awareness, sporting activities, strength and endurance  

Oral Motor Skills i.e chewing foods or using a straw or cup.

Attention & Concentration

Visual Perceptual Skills which can affect organizational skills, studying, speed reading, writing legibility and memory.

Emotional regulation and social skills: turn-taking, sharing, assertiveness, coping with failure and change, problem solving in social situations, learning to understand and cope with our emotions…. 

Independence in Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s)- play (being the no.1 ), toileting, feeding, washing, grooming and dressing.

Processing of sensory input which can affect a child’s ability to try new foods, regulate their emotions & cope with criticism, tolerate changes in temperature/clothing/tone of voice, seeking of movement & pressure…. this list will go on & the severity of the impact can be very variable for kids 

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