Top 10 Warm Up Exercises Before Handwriting & Typing


Top 10 Warm Up Exercises 

Handwriting & Typing 


Bear Crawls - Go on all fours on the ground with your hands shoulder width apart. Raise hips so knees are off the ground & there is a slight bend in your knees. Look forward & crawl around in this position, bringing bent knees into the body to move them forward. 

Chair Popcorn Push Ups- Hands flat on chair on either side of legs, push through hands & lift body off chair but keep feet on floor. To make harder, lift feet off floor aswell x 10.

Mickey Mouse Ears - Place fists next to ears, fingers open and squeeze closed x 10.

Windshield Wipers - Arms above head, crisscross straight arms x 10.

Shoulder Shrugs- Palms facing up & shoulders shrug towards ears x 10.

Finger Opposition - Hold fingers next to ears, touch thumb to each finger (Both Hands)

Butterflies - Hold arms straight in front of body, link the thumbs to make an X, palms facing out, make small circles with the hands with the movement coming from the shoulders x10

Crocodile Snaps- Raise arms in the air with one above the other. Then snap your hands together like a crocodile snapping its jaw x 10

Pencil Trick // Windmill Spins - Hold the pencil between your thumb, index and middle fingers with palm facing outwards. Begin to spin the pencil making circles like a windmill. Spin 10 times and then try to go the other way!

Pencil Trick // Woody Woodpecker – Hold your pencil like you are going to write something & pretend your hand is a woodpecker and slowly peck against the tree (your other hand) by pushing your fingers in and out. Try to only move your fingers- do not move your wrist or elbow!


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Hope you enjoy completing these 10 exercises before doing any handwriting or typing practice.

The above exercises work on developing a child's shoulder stability, hand strength, dexterity, finger isolation & they also provide some proprioceptive input. All of which are vital to be able to maintain a functional pencil grasp & an upright seated position when practicing writing, drawing, colouring, scissor skills & typing. If you are looking for more ways to develop your child or student's fine motor skills & handwriting, I have included all of these components when creating the activities including in my motor skills program, which you can learn more about it by clicking here. 




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