The Importance of Pretend Play


"Whenever children say 'let's pretend', a new landscape of possibilities for learning is revealed. When children pretend, they try on new feelings, roles and ideas. They stretch their minds along with their imagination"- Curtis & Carter


I love pretend play, it is so fun but sometimes it doesn’t come naturally to children. So how can you develop pretend play skills? What skills are needed to be able to 'pretend'? What if my child has a great imagination but will only play his/her own make-believe games?

Research continues to focus on the area of pretend play to investigate the impact on child development. So far, benefits include increases in language, literacy skills, emotional regulation, problem-solving and 'theory of mind'.

I love listening to collaborative pretend play amongst kids where they have to solve problems, express emotions and compromise on decisions. What a great way to role-play emotions and scenarios without the actual emotion attached to the situation. 

Interested in this topic?

The My OT University includes an interactive video series on this topic including developmental stages and strategies to develop play.

Great tips & strategies for both parents, educators & other paediatric professionals. 

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