Occupational Therapy Strategies for Educators, Teachers & SNA's

Occupational Therapist's (OT) can provide knowledge and strategies around a range of school-related tasks covering areas such as:

Pencil Grasp, Posture, Handwriting & Assistive Technology (AT)

Fine Motor Skills such as dexterity, strength, bilateral coordination, hand dominance and general coordination when manipulating items such as buttons, zips, pencils, glue, colours etc.

Gross Motor Skills & Participation on the Yard or in P.E.

Behaviour, Sensory Processing Difficulties & Emotional Regulation.

Social Skills with peers & Play Skills on the Yard. 

Organisational Skills, Attention & Working Memory. 

OT's have a unique understanding of the underlying skills needed for Activities of Daily Living (ADL's), helping others to understand the 'why' behind a child's behaviour, the 'what' causes these difficulties and the 'how' you can develop these skills in school.  

To learn about areas of child development and strategies for working with children, check out my certificate course: Sensory, Social & Motor Skills - A Developmental Guide for Educators & SNAs.

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