School OT Starter Kit

Does your school have these essential Occupational Therapy products?

The My OT & Me School Starter Kit provides must-have products for teachers that can support children with motor skill delays, handwriting challenges and sensory processing difficulties.

Sometimes Occupational Therapy reports for specific children can include recommendations such as therapy ball exercises, movin' sit cushions for the classroom, slant boards for writing, specialised grips etc.

It can be very challenging for school staff to know what products they should purchase and how to use them appropriately.

This kit includes many of the essential products that schools can use on a daily basis by the SEN team or the Classroom Teacher.

Each product is outlined in the description below. You also get one free access to My OT University which covers a range of topics relevant to the products included.

Whats included?

✨ Physio Roll (40cm) x 1

The Physio Roll (40cm) is a peanut shaped therapy ball which offers a more stable base than traditional circular therapy balls as it only rolls in one direction. Children can sit/lie in the middle of the ball where there is a dip which can give support to children with reduced balance or coordination. The shape and easier control of the ball can give both children and teachers more confidence in using them.

Gymnic Physio Rolls are a very popular brand used worldwide by Therapists. It is an excellent product to use when working on strengthening, flexibility and balance. ‘Therapy Ball’ exercises are also frequently recommended on Occupational Therapy reports and this ball can be used to complete those exercises.

The Physio Roll is only for body weight exercises and should be used in conjunction with the ‘Therapy Ball Activities- Fun Deck’ which is included in your kit.

The Red Physio Roll has a diameter of 40cm & length of 65cm (recommended weight max. 120kg-270lbs). To the know the right size for a child: if a child is sitting on an inflated ball, their feet should be resting flat on the floor and their legs at a 90degree angle to the floor. There are other Physio Roll sizes if necessary for older children. Please see additional information from Gymnic at the following link as a guide:

✨ Therapy Ball Activities Fun Deck x 1 

Therapy Ball Activities Fun Deck is a great resource for schools which includes 60 fun activities that can be used with a therapy ball. The picture description helps guide resource teachers so they know they are completing the activities correctly. Children can choose a card and complete the activities independently with supervision. It is also a great resource for children who have delayed language skills as they can choose and follow the visual description. The cards are also separated into different sections so resource teachers have a guide on the skills they are developing. A definite essential tool for all therapist’s and resource teachers.

✨ Slant Board x 1 

The Slant Boardis a brilliant addition to any classroom which helps children write and draw at an optimum angle. I especially love this slant board as it is wooden and therefore very durable. Slant boards are great for kids who fatigue while writing, have poor posture, fine motor skill delays, difficulties with handwriting or copying from the board. The board is purposefully made so children have to use both hands- Doing Hand (writing) & Helper Hand (stabilising the page). It has a silicon ridge running along the bottom to stop the paper falling off. An essential for any home or classroom. The item comes flat packed in two parts which can be easily assembled and transported. Measurements are 45cm x 35cm x 12cm. For children aged 4 years +.

✨ Sand Timer (10minutes) x 1

Sand Timers are a great resource for teachers to help focus, task completion and timing. This TICKiT 10minute timer (16cm x 7cm) has moulded end caps and a shatterproof plastic barrier to protect the inner glass. This is to used with adult supervision. Suitable for children aged 3 years +.

✨ Movin’ Sit Jr. Cushion x 1

The Gymnic Movin’ Sit Cushion® is widely used by Therapists worldwide and they are an essential for every school. The Movin’ Sit Cushion is an inflatable wedge that sits on a child’s seat offering an alternative seating option for children who find it challenging to maintain an upright seated posture, sustain concentration or are constantly fidgeting. The wedge shape encourages a forward pelvic position which improves overall seated posture. It allows children some movement without having to leave their chair. You can easily adjust the air in the cushions: just make sure you don’t over pump them or children won’t be able to sit onto them comfortably. It can also be used during mat-time for kids who find it really tricky to sit upright. The Jr. cushion measures 26cm x 26cm and will therefore fit most chairs for children in Junior Infants- 1st class. However, it is recommended to measure the child’s seat, a standard size can be purchased separately. The recommended max weight is 45kg and it is for children aged 3 years +.

✨ Easi Grip Scissors- Mini ® x 1

The Easi Grip Scissors- Mini ® is a fantastic resource for every classroom. I use this scissors all the time with kids who are struggling to control and manipulate the standard scissors in the classroom. This scissors offers the child and teacher more control when practicing the tricky skill of cutting. This scissors can often be used in the right or left hand. There are no finger loops making it a much easier option for smaller hands especially those who fatigue quickly. It can give kids the confidence to practice their cutting and then gradually move onto more standard scissors. The scissors has a 30mm round ended stainless steel blade. Adult supervision is vital when using this product. The product size is 2 x 5.1 x 0.8 inches. Not to be used with children younger than 3 years of age.

✨ Theraflex (Yellow 450gr- Soft) x 1

Theraflex Putty is an essential resource for all teachers. Putty can be used as a warm up before handwriting or typing, to strengthen the muscles of the hand or to provide sensory input. Watch our YouTube Video to get some ideas of ways you can use putty with kids. It is non-toxic, greaseless, hypo-allergenic and latex-free. The Theraflex Putty is available in five colours with different resistance. The soft strength is provided as a great starting point for teachers and kids.

✨ Ear Defenders x 1

Ear Defenders are a great addition to the school environment especially for kids who have auditory sensitivities or poor concentration. They come complete with a comfortable padded head band & are great for noisy environments. Ear defenders can be great to use when settling a child in a noisy environment or helping them to concentrate on a specific task without being distracted by sounds around them (i.e. shuffling feet, ticking clocks etc.) Those sounds might not bother you but they can be heightened for a child with auditory sensitivities. These defenders weigh 190gr and measure: 10cm x 12cm. Conform to EN352-1 and CE marked.

SNR 26Db/ Mean Attenuation @ 500Hz 25.7Db/ Mean Attenuation @ 1000Hz 35.2Db

✨ Pencil Grip Pack x 12

This pencil grip pack is ideal for teachers who want to trial different grips with children who are having difficulty holding their pencil correctly.

The pack includes one of each of the following grips: Writing Claw Small, Medium & Large, Grippy, Grotto, Kush N Flex , Ti Go, Solo, Air, Comfort, Crossguard, The Pencil Grip.

✨ TheraBands x 2 

Thera-Band® is widely used by Therapists throughout the world as a product for strengthening and as a tool to gain proprioceptive input.

TheraBand is a very useful tool in classrooms as it can be tied around the legs of the chair for children to gain sensory input when fidgeting or distracted. The TheraBands are latex free and come in a single 6ft strip.

The different colours represent different resistive strengths. Watch the videos online for ideas of how to use the TheraBand. Adult supervision is essential when doing exercises. Not to be used with children under 4 years of age.

TheraBand Red (Medium Resistance)

TheraBand Green (Heavy Resistance)

✨ Sensory Circuits: A Sensory Motor Skills Programme for Children by Jane Horwood x 1

This is a very helpful book for all schools as more students are requiring movement and sensory breaks during the school time. This book gives structure around implementing sensory based activities in circuits for children in schools with lots of equipment which is already present within the school environment.

✨ My OT University Access:

Get access for one teacher to My OT University where they will benefit from an ongoing video series covering a range of child development topics, guest speakers and fun online gross motor classes for kids.

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