Octobox Basics -3 Months (Once-Off Purchase)

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Homes and Schools are full of craft materials, so we have brought out Octobox Basics - As Much Fun, Just Less Bits.

Each month you get:

✨ 3 x four-week programs that are different themes that are aimed at 5-9 year olds, with various crafts and other tasks to be completed, all of which work on fine and gross motor skills.

✨ Access to the Octobox videos with Jess that give tips & tricks to help kids.

✨ 6 x Let's Get Moving Gross Motor Classes

✨ 3 x Octobox completion badge for kids as a reward for finishing the tasks

What's not included with Octobox Basics: Whizz Kid Project, Craft materials, grips, pencils and access to My OT University.


Why Get Octobox Basics?

 3 x Themed four-week Programs

We know it can be hard to think of fun activities to do with your kids or students, but with Octobox basics, you are getting tons of fun activities that are working on important fine and gross motor skills all to do with the theme of that month.

✨ Educational

Throughout the program, there are Pop-Quizzes and Fun Facts associated with the theme along with activities that encourage problem-solving.

✨ Movement breaks

We have built movement breaks into the activities as these can really help with concentration and much more.

✨ Creative and Engaging Videos

The online videos show you how to complete each task and provide useful tips along the way. We use animations, games and a bit of goofiness to keep kids engaged with each activity.

✨ Correct Material

Each paper type is specifically chosen to ensure the weight is correct for the task and that the most benefit is obtained from the activity.

✨ Fun for all the Family

Octobox Basics is packed with fun activities that the whole family can get involved in.


How it Works:

1. Place your order. (This is a once-off payment)

2. Your Octobox Basics will ship within 2 working days.

3. Octobox Basics users will be emailed a list of items necessary for the activities. Many homes and schools will already have them or any craft shop will. These could include pom poms, pipecleaners, colouring pencils, glue etc. Craft Packs will also be available from the store which includes various craft materials that will last a number of months. (Craft packs are only available in ROI)

4. On the program sheet, you will see the letter B next to the activities. This means it is an Octobox Basics activity. Log in through the site to view the fun videos and complete the activities. Jess explains the best way to complete the tasks so the most benefit is gained from them.

Start having fun today and sign up for Octobox Basics!

**Free Shipping Included in ROI** (€3 UK shipping & €4 Worldwide)

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