My OT University - 12 Months Access

Are you a Parent, Caregiver, Educator or Paediatric Professional looking to learn key strategies when it comes to child development?

If so, My OT University is for you!🙌🏼

My OT University is all about fun and interactive learning where you will gain knowledge & practical tips about Occupational Therapy (OT) & Child Development. 

I realised there was a need for accessible information about OT & more importantly, practical strategies & tips that can be used by families & educators in the home & school environments, delivered in a visual way. 

Each of the topics are discussed through interactive videos where visuals and props are used throughout to create a stimulating learning environment. Each topic is also followed up with additional links & resources relating to the video. Members also get their say in what topics are covered so you get the information you are looking for. 

Sometimes, it can be difficult for families to access a Paediatric Occupational Therapist (OT) on a regular basis in their area & I know this can be incredibly frustrating for families & educators who want to be proactive about working on developing skills. My OT University is a supplementary resource that families & educators can use to learn practical strategies, interact with an experienced OT & start working on their child's skills immediately.  

You will also get access to our Masterclass Series which includes speakers such as:

🎓  Kim Barthel - world-renowned Occupational Therapist 

🎓  Catherine Hallissey - Child Psychologist

🎓  Emily Hills & Lindsay Hardy - Occupational Therapists

🎓  Caroline O Connor - Paediatric Dietician

🎓  Olive Buckeridge - Speech Therapist

& many more amazing speakers.

You're going to learn about:

✨ Sensory Processing

✨ Fine Motor Skills

✨ Gross Motor Skills

✨ Feeding

✨ Independence in Kids

✨ Confidence & Resilience  

✨ Pretend Play

✨ Classroom Strategies

and so much more




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Really can't recommend this resource enough!
An excellent resource for everyone involved in supporting child development
A well organized resource