My OT University


Are you a parent, educator or paediatric professional looking to learn key tips and strategies when it comes to child development? If so, My OT University is for you!

You're going to hear from:

🎓 Child Psychologists

🎓 Physio Therapists

🎓 Play Therapists

🎓 Speech Therapists

and of course

🎓 Occupational Therapists


My OT University is all about fun and interactive learning where you will gain knowledge and practical tips about child development. Members get their say in what topics are covered so you get the information you are looking for.


You're going to learn about:

🔹Pretend Play

🔸Fine Motor Skills

🔹Gross Motor Skills


🔹Developing Independence in kids

🔸Developing Confident kids 

and so much more


Being part of the MY OT & Me Community gives you access to:

✅ Live webinars

✅ An ongoing video series on child development topics

✅ Gross motor classes for kids

✅ Guest speakers - Psychologists, Physio Therapists, OT's, SLT's & more

✅ Resources & more


Jess, who is a passionate Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist, and the owner of My OT & Me, will be sharing the strategies that she has learnt from years of working with children in both Ireland and Australia in private Paediatric OT clinics.

Start your learning today! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
An excellent resource for everyone involved in supporting child development

My OT University has been an excellent resource as a new paediatric OT. Jess provides creative ideas to support the development of key skills in a fun, motivating way for children.

Along with the practical ideas, there are high quality videos and clear summary sheets explaining the buzz terms often discussed with parents/teachers, and relevant, up to date research to support what is being discussed.

My OT University is an excellently organised resource of benefit to not only parents and teachers but also OTs, SLTs, etc. working with children of various ages and ability.

A well organized resource

This is an amazingly well organized, accessible and understandable collection of articles and videos explaining what is going on for my child. I often feel that as a mom of an 8 year old child who lagged behind in some areas and showed some sensory issues very early on that I have spent hours combing bookstores and search engines to get information. Unfortunately a lot of that time was not productive in getting me reliable and relatable information. The MY Ot university is something I would recommend to any parent or teacher who has a child that they are concerned about in relation to how they perceive sensations. The articles just make things click, you’ll be reading or watching and the explanation from an OT perspective makes you go “oooh that’s why they do that!” It helps me make informed decisions on how to beat support my child. Thanks so much for a great resource.