My Child Doesn't Want to Share

Not a skill we are born with and let’s face it, the only good thing about sharing is the social benefits for your relationship with the other person.

If your child is having difficulty sharing with others, it often comes to light with siblings or when they start in school. A difficulty sharing isn't always an indicator of an underlying social/communication difficulty as it is a skill that must be practiced and encouraged in children. Try to facilitate opportunities for your child to share- invite friends with children over to the house, ask to bring a toy into creche or pre-school to share with others under adult guidance, arrange playdates and got to the playground. Talk through whats expected on the playground or when other kids come to the house. Observing these situations will help you understand what your child is actually struggling with. 

So if your child is struggling with understanding social expectations and reading social cues; the skill of sharing will seem useless and frustrating. It is important that they understand the WHY e.g. ‘Let’s share with your sister so she will feel happy’. This can obviously take lots of patience and explaining but it is an important skill going forward for being able to take turns- to take turns in a conversation, take turns to pick a board game or a movie, allowing someone else take control of the plans…. the list is endless…. so happy sharing!

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