Toilet Training and Sensory Issues?

Finding the toilet training process difficult?

Try and figure out what stage might be the speed bump. Maybe by answering these questions it might help to shed some light on the different areas:

Firstly, it is important to rule out a medical cause to toileting difficulties, this can be discussed with your G.P and a further referral can be made if necessary.

It is also important to monitor diet and constipation incase your child is presenting with a food intolerance or allergy. This can also be further investigated with a Dietician.

In terms of an OT perspective:

Registration & Sensory Processing:

Is your child registering that he/she needs to go? Are they communicating or gesturing before they need to go? Are they toilet trained during the day but bed-wetting at night? Can they communicate the need to use the toilet but find it difficult to tolerate the sensation of the toilet seat or the toileting process?

If your child is able to register the need to go to the toilet, communicate the need to go and tolerate the sensation of both the toilet seat and the toilet process, you may need to consider the child’s posture and motor skills:

Motor Skills:

Are they able to sit independently on the toilet either with or without a child seat, can they sit upright or do they have poor core control, do they need to rest their feet on a stool, can they wipe themselves with accuracy, stand up and aim into the toilet (if a boy) and know the toileting steps including washing their hands, flushing the toilet etc.

If neither of the above areas are an issue, maybe it is stemming from a different area such as anxiety, controlling behaviour, fear of unpredictability outside the home environment etc..Maybe ask yourself this: is your child controlling in relation to toileting, will they hold in certain settings, do they have a fear of the toilet, have they regressed or become distressed by the toileting process?

If you have any specific questions in relation to this topic, please comment below. 

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